It’s clear, Californians, especially those in the 78th Assembly District are tired of the government imposing legislation or regulation that infringes on their rights endowed by the Constitution. I have legally fought against the big three; the State of California, California Department of Education, State Board of Education, and won to effect change in education. Eric will continue to take the fight to Sacramento in preservation of those constitutional rights.

Issue 1


            Will not vote for any legislation that increases taxes. It’s time to reduce the tax burden on communities and taxpayers.

Issue 2


            Call for the restoration of public education with real curriculum that doesn’t have to be; disguised as something else, advocates hatred for our country, perverse sexual health and indoctrinates. California is in the bottom 5th of all states in America when it comes to education.

Issue 3


       Will advocate for the unborn in the banning of abortion in CA.

Issue 4

Zero infringement of 2A rights

            Will fight for all law abiding citizens in their right to bear arms and will propose legislation to repeal any legislation that is currently anti-2A.

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